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Wake up and smell the roses! Introducing Zig-Zag's Premium Rose Cones. Partnering with the finest rose farms from around the world Zig-Zag brings a natural and convenient way to enjoy a premium, tobacco-free smoking experience. 

Each hand-crafted rose cone begins as a naturally grown rosebud. The buds are then carefully selected for petal quality before being crafted around an ultra-thin Zig-Zag Unbleached King Size Cone to give the perfect convenient shape for packing and burning. Then packed in a protective plastic tube with a packing tool and a humidity control pouch to keep the roses fresh and aromatic when you're ready to burn. 

Premium Rose Petals

Only the highest quality rose petals are chosen for final cone formation. We specifically check for factors like freshness, maturity, uniformity, and pigmentation.

Purified Water

Water is essential to the process of growing beautiful, lush rose petals. Purified water and natural gum arabic are used as a natural adhesive to bond the rose petals together.

Natural Fiber Paper

Every Zig-Zag Rose Cone is carefully crafted by hand wrapping quality rose petals around an ultra-thin Zig-Zag Unbleached Paper Cone made from all natural fibers.

Smell the Roses, Naturally.

The aroma and flavor in Zig-Zag Rose Cones comes straight from the natural notes of the fresh rose petals. No artificial flavors or sprays were used in the crafting of our premium rose cones.


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Partner with the Best

Zig Zag Rose Cones are made in partnership with CaliGreenGold. Created with a base of Zig-Zag Unbleached Paper Cones, CaliGreenGold then supplies the high-quality rose petals and craftmanship that create this truly unique smoking experience. Check out other exotic offerings from CaliGreenGold - Click Here